We mourn the loss of a chair, celebrate opportunities and contribute engineering solutions to COVID-19 challenges. 
Spring Edition  |  June 2020
Ohio State George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre, Distinguished University Professor and Chairman Emeritus, 1930-2020

Dr. George St. Pierre is being mourned by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, along with the greater Ohio State community. He will always be remembered as a devoted and highly respected professor, scientist, researcher, mentor, and administrator.
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Interdisciplinary Research Facility schematic

Interdisciplinary Research Facility proposed for west campus as part of Framework 2.0

The trustees’ approval of the $237.5 million construction project for the west campus Innovation District means more transformational research and learning environments shared among engineering and environmental sciences, biomedical, life sciences, and our supportive community. Construction begins this month. Read more.
COVID-19 virus image

Engineering solutions to COVID-19 challenges

Three members of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are making notable contributions to the battle against COVID-19. Dr. Perena Gouma, Dr. Glenn Daehn and Pete Gosser commit to safety, prototype testing and diagnostics. Read more.
Enam Chowdhury

Chowdhury awarded $1M to study materials in extremes

A grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research will support research on extreme laser material modification. Results are expected to impact society in many areas, including manufacturing, medicine, and advanced materials processing. Read more.
Allison Whitney

Bridging the engineering gender gap

Alumni are partnering with the College of Engineering to close the gender gap and pave the way for future women engineers. Allison Whitney, MSE ’20, credits the Women in Engineering Buckeye Scholarship with enabling her to focus on studies, research, and leadership roles rather than work. Read more.
Ohio State undergrad award recipients

Undergraduate Students Awards Banquet

Extraordinary students and one professor were recognized and celebrated during the well-oiled affair organized by Megan Daniels, Senior Academic Advisor. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates everyone who was recognized. Read more.
Prashanth Peketi

Alumnus Prashanth Peketi combines love of materials science and sports for career

An interview with Peketi follows his journey from the tennis court to a project manager at adidas — initiated by a mistakenly delivered magazine. Read more.


Michael Mills

Message from MSE chair, Michael Mills

A year has passed since I became chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The excitement and privilege of fulfilling this role continue to grow with each challenge. In this edition of Watts News, we focus on growth opportunities in time and change, and we celebrate victories along the way — victories that remind us of our mission to create, transfer and preserve knowledge through impactful research, dynamic teaching and the effective training of our future colleagues in materials science engineering and welding engineering. Read more.