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July 2018


New Horizons wakes up for its next historic journey

Over a decade ago, Ohio State engineers at the ElectroScience Lab began assisting Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory engineer and alumnus Ron Schulze in the testing and calibration of his high gain dish antenna design for the New Horizons probe. It remains one of seven instruments currently collecting data from space. Learn more about ESL’s contribution.


ESL News


The CubeRRT launch is a success

On July 13, Ohio State’s first satellite, CubeRRT, was successfully deployed into low-Earth orbit from the International Space Station. Discover how the technology on board could benefit future Earth science missions.


CERF Technical Meeting & Affiliates Dinner: August 7

Each summer, members of the ESL Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF) receive a comprehensive overview of ESL research in four technical areas: antenna design; EM algorithms and measurements; radar, navigation and sensing; and RF circuits and optics research. Learn more about CERF.


ESL Short Courses: August 8-10

Short courses on key topics of interest in antennas, RF, and radar technology are taught by faculty from the ElectroScience Laboratory. Learn more and register today.


ESL Alumni


The evolution from engineer to entrepreneur

As a student, ESL alumnus Qussai Marashdeh launched a company with Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Liang-Shih Fan. Ten years later, Tech4Imaging is the world’s leading developer of non-invasive imaging technology for commercial and industrial use. See how the company is supporting research at ESL.


ESL alumnus explores next-generation
“Tic-Tac-Toe” MRI technology

ESL alumnus Tamer Ibrahim is making waves in next-generation research in neurological diseases. Learn about the tool he uses to gain a better understanding of brain structure and function.


ESL Awards


Kiourti wins URSI Young Scientist Award

ESL Assistant Professor Asimina Kiourti was recently awarded for her groundbreaking work in implantable and wearable electromagnetic technologies. Learn more about her internationally-recognized work.


Professors Burnside and Gupta receive 2018 John Kraus Antenna Award

Find out why their design for compact test range reflectors is still the standard for major suppliers today.


Celebrating Dr. Gupta: 2017 George Sinclair Award Winner

The highest honor bestowed on ElectroScience Laboratory faculty at The Ohio State University was presented to Professor Inder “Jiti” Gupta. Read more about his respected work as both mentor and scientist.


ESL Research


Wearable Sensors for Unobtrusive Monitoring of Joint Kinematics

Authors: Ramandeep Vilkhu, Asimina Kiourti

Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) Metasurface Holograms in the Visible Range

Authors: Augusto Martins, Juntao Li, Achiles F. da Mota, Yin Wang, Luiz G. Neto, Joao P. do Carmo, Fernando L. Teixeira, Emiliano R. Martins, and Ben-Hur V. Borges

Permittivity and Loss Characterization of SUEX Epoxy Films for mmW and THz Applications

Authors: Seckin Sahin, Niru K. Nahar, and Kubilay Sertel

Enhancing Resolution of Electrical Capacitive Sensors for Multiphase Flows by Fine-Stepped Electronic Scanning of Synthetic Electrodes

Authors: Zeeshan Zeeshan, Christopher E. Zuccarelli, and Daniel Ospina Acero


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CERF Annual Meeting and Affiliates Dinner

8/8 - 8/10

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